Like everyone who’s born with a brain,it is primarily guided by headquarters with five basic emotions. These basic emotions are joy, sadness, fear, disgust and anger. They help by assisting the brain and eventually help make up our individual personalities and characters as we grow up.

Generally, the film is about an 11 year old girl named Riley and her childhood. As a baby, Riley was filled with joy and sometimes sadness when she gets hungry or tired. When she grew up, as a toddler she had fear and disgust to protect her from harm or green veggies like broccoli. Later she then gets angry once in a while when things don’t turn out the way she wanted to.

One day, her parents made a big decision to move out to San Francisco. Riley, found it hard and difficult to adjust and so her emotions had some trouble keeping up with the things happening around her. Riley became more lonely and confused of how she’s feeling but didn’t know how to express all of it. Eventually, she lost her feeling of sadness and no joy felt at all, just numbness. Riley became cold and distant and decided to ran away one night.

While all of these were happening, her basic emotions realised that it is okay to be sad and cry. Once you express your sadness, then you’ll feel better afterwards. And so, Riley went back home and told her parents what she was feeling and they hugged and felt everything was going to be alright.

This movie is incredible,the story telling is great. There is originality in every character as well as spot on voices. Everything was well thought out from their character designs to their voices. It made it very easy for the characters to believable and connected with the audience.

The special effects are no doubt amazing, Pixar has once again proved its high quality animated film standards. Most importantly,there are lessons in it for both kids and adults. This is a deep and complicated film,made easy and light to understand with the help of great film making by Pete Docter and his team.

Coming Soon in Theatres June 25,2015. 


Handmade with Love in France

    I was lucky enough to be invited as the plus one and see the preview screening of the documentary film entitled “Handmade with Love in France”. The screening was hosted by L’Oreal Paris as part of the French Film Festival being held all over New Zealand. In addition, there will be another movie screening entitled, “A Chance Encounter” in March that will help  fund a very good cause called, Breast Cancer Cure.

    The documentary film for me was both sad and fun to watch. This is because of the continuous loss of talented artisans and without them being able to pass on their talent. Hence, they are at high risk of extinction. On top of this, the fashion industry has been booming leading to exhausted workers and low quality items. They seem to have focused more on quantity due to its very high demand. Therefore evidently these very few handmakers are standing on a very fine line when it comes to keeping their own workshops. However along their journey there were still some happy moments. And that frankly, they are indeed very happy people who are just going through some tough times. But they have not forgotten about their sense of humour which was very enjoyable to see and laugh with.

    The film ends with a question indirectly asking if it will be possible to keep all that history without compromising the quality of the work and art involved.

Handmade with Love in France

2015 Movies : Ratings

EXODUS (Gods and Kings) : Great interpretation of the Bible story. Also,excellent special effects! This film is Intense and gripping. 7/10 rating.

Now in Theatres.

THEORY OF EVERYTHING : Truly inspiring and captivating. Great performances by the lead couple. 7.5/ 10 rating.

In Theatres on 05/02/15.

BIRDMAN (The Virtue of Ignorance) : This film has everything from the best director, amazing actors and great score. Bravo! What a roller coaster ride! Too many things happening but everything came all together in one very unexpected yet brilliant film! 8/10 rating. *A Must Watch film of this year *

KINGSMAN: Well, this film was kind of so-so because it was very entertaining and enjoyable to watch, but it seems that it was not cleverly thought through. There were some parts that I found corny and resulted to it being insubstantial for me. However, I enjoyed some laughs and as well as their very stylish look. 6/10 rating.

Now in theatres.

FIFTY SHADES OF GREY— The movie was based on a book, about a rich young man with a particular preference when it comes to his sexual relations. In the movie the character is very confusing making the movie confusing as well. It felt like an over the top sort of a modern fairy tale that was not executed in a way that they have wanted. The dialogs were very few if not one word that even the actors who were trying their best just made the scenes look corny. Hence, the movie has failed to tell a story about the couple and individually outside their many sex scenes. Thus it did not make much if not any sense at all. The only good side to it though was the movie was trying so hard to be taken seriously that it all seemed like a joke and was unsurprisingly hilarious. I have noted that most of the people in the cinema were having a real good laugh. It’s not a complete waste of time but I would rather think twice about having to pay to watch this film. 5/10 rating.

In theatres starting 12/02/15.

A spook called Gregory catches an evil witch but then escapes after many years. Now is after Gregory for revenge. Meanwhile he trains an apprentice named Thomas to help him kill the witch and put an end to her reign of evil. The story goes on as they journey together.
The film is average in terms of the graphic design and fight scenes. However it’s action packed with a bit of humour making it entertaining to watch. I think kids and teenagers would be the target audience for this kind of film. 5.5/10 rating.

In theatres starting March 5,2015.






2015 Movies : Ratings

The Odd Life of Timothy Green 2012

The Odd Life of Timothy Green


Writer : Ahmet Zappa and Peter Hedges

Director: Peter Hedges

Great film for all ages but I think adults will appreciate this movie more than the kids. For parents especially, this is a fantastic film.

The movie, although did not seem to have explained the appearance of Timothy and the mystery of it all. It has showed its audience family values as well as the magic of love and letting go. But most importantly hope. This movie is both wonderful and warm.


Mr. Morgan’s Last Love


It has been a long time since I last wrote. I have not have found the right movie to write about until I saw this film a couple days ago.

This movie is very simple, honest, and real. Michael Caine was fantastic in his role. He did it so well it felt like you know him from somewhere. I loved this movie as well as the words in it.

Such as Mr. Morgan’s conversation with Pauline. “And sometimes you meet someone… who requires all the love you have to give. And if you lose that someone, you think everything else is gonna stop too. But everything else just keeps on going. Giraudoux said, you can miss a single being, even though you are surrounded by countless others. Those people are like… like extras. They cloud your vision, they’re a meaningless crowd. They… They’re an unwelcome distraction. So you seek oblivion in solitude. But solitude only makes you wither.”

What powerful words these are. Feels good that people make films like this.

Writer: Sandra Nettelbeck, Francois Dorner

Director: Sandra Nettelbeck

Mr. Morgan’s Last Love