Like everyone who’s born with a brain,it is primarily guided by headquarters with five basic emotions. These basic emotions are joy, sadness, fear, disgust and anger. They help by assisting the brain and eventually help make up our individual personalities and characters as we grow up.

Generally, the film is about an 11 year old girl named Riley and her childhood. As a baby, Riley was filled with joy and sometimes sadness when she gets hungry or tired. When she grew up, as a toddler she had fear and disgust to protect her from harm or green veggies like broccoli. Later she then gets angry once in a while when things don’t turn out the way she wanted to.

One day, her parents made a big decision to move out to San Francisco. Riley, found it hard and difficult to adjust and so her emotions had some trouble keeping up with the things happening around her. Riley became more lonely and confused of how she’s feeling but didn’t know how to express all of it. Eventually, she lost her feeling of sadness and no joy felt at all, just numbness. Riley became cold and distant and decided to ran away one night.

While all of these were happening, her basic emotions realised that it is okay to be sad and cry. Once you express your sadness, then you’ll feel better afterwards. And so, Riley went back home and told her parents what she was feeling and they hugged and felt everything was going to be alright.

This movie is incredible,the story telling is great. There is originality in every character as well as spot on voices. Everything was well thought out from their character designs to their voices. It made it very easy for the characters to believable and connected with the audience.

The special effects are no doubt amazing, Pixar has once again proved its high quality animated film standards. Most importantly,there are lessons in it for both kids and adults. This is a deep and complicated film,made easy and light to understand with the help of great film making by Pete Docter and his team.

Coming Soon in Theatres June 25,2015. 


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