Scent of a Woman 1992

Writers: Giovanni Arpino (novel) Bo Goldman (screenplay) Dino Risi and Ruggero Maccari

Director: Martin Brest


Gregory Go Boom 2013


Director: Janicza Bravo

Writer: Janicza Bravo

A short film released for Comedy Week starring Michael Cera and yes, he does it again. That unspeakable awkward moments, so far-fetched yet it does happen in real life.

However, the purpose of this film was to give out humour in one of the most unfunny circumstances in life. In this case,though the main character is a disabled person, it is a bit tragic and disheartening for everyone who search for true love yet sometimes it does not exist.

This film is perplexed in many ways and I find it great.



I belong (Som du ser meg) 2012

I belong (Sum du ser meg) 2012


This film shows a great example of what is really happening in reality. I admire how the quite mundane scenarios and circumstances where  remarkably captured and expressed in this movie. I like the dramatic tone where the author of the book  reads through the story and then opens up whole new worlds of this three ordinary women. A classic example of people misunderstanding each other and ending up being hurt even though the main intention was only to do good deeds.

Ingenious for grasping what is mostly right in front of us and appreciate the regular.



Director: Dag Johan Haugerud

Writer: Dag Johan Haugerud